Chronic Acidity and Diabetes Reduced With Holistic Treatment by Dr. Mitali Upadhye

Before Holistic clinic treatment with Dr.Mitali Upadhye , Mrs Padmini Naik, age 45, residing in Panchgani was suffering from Hyperacidity for last 10 to 12 years. She tried lot of different treatments and doctors. She had to take Tablet Omez, everyday for last 10 years. After taking homoeopathic treatment and making holistic changes in her diet and lifestyle for one year her acidity reduced completely. After 6 months her dependency on Homoeopathy medicines also reduced. Today she is enjoying medicine free life with improved quality.


10 Years Old Acidity Cured With Homoeopathy

Before treatment at Holistic Clinic with Dr.Mitali Upadhye, Ms Radhika Naik age 23,suffered for hyperacidity for 10 years, she could not eat outside food or non veg food, Any indiscretion in her food caused burning pain in her epigastric region. She had tried many doctors and different medicines. Within One week of starting homoepathic medicines her acidity reduced considerable. She was able to digest outside food and also eat her favourite non veg food. Today she is in Germany enjoying all kind of food.


20 Years old Chronic Knee Pain Heals With Emotional Healing Therapy

Before treatment with Dr.Mitali Upadhye, Dr Ashok Rajguru, a Homoeopath and Bach flower practitioner suffered from chronic knee pain for over 20 years. He had tried various treatments and emotional therapies to release his pain. With just one Journey Method mind body healing therapy,he got a breakthrough in his complaints.
Often problems may seem physical but they may have an underlying mental trauma or painful past memories associated with them, which makes healing difficult. At Holistic Clinic our specialised therapies help you to release these emotional traumas and start cellular healing.


EFT Rx Stubborn Fungal Infection

EFT : Emotional Freedom Technique. Skin problems like fungal infection are always stubborn and tough to cure. They keep coming back again and again. Recurrent antifungal medicines may not help the patient. In this case even well selected homoeopathic medicines seem to come to a null. Subhashree had been going through a lot of stressful situations at home and office. The skin was only manifesting her emotional state. We used EFT to help her release her emotional issues. It was no surprise that the bodily symptoms started responding immediately. She found 50 % relief with just one 1.15 mins session of tapping on her emotions. EFT is a powerful simple and effective technique to heal emotional , mental physical and psychological problems. It even helps reduce addictions and cravings


Oesophageal Cancer Rx Holistic Cancer Care

Mr Sharad Joshi, aged 80, staying in Kothrud, Pune, was suffering from chronic renal ailments when he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, he could not take any chemotherapy due to high creatinine and uric acid levels. He and his family opted for holistic treatment. We treated him on the principles of AAHAR, VIHAR and VICHAR. Within 11 months his next PET scan report showed 95% regression in the growth.
This interview with Mr Sharad Joshi is very dear to my heart. It was a pleasure talking to him. I was in total awe of this man who had the love for life and followed the naturopathy diet to the T. He was open to undergoing the mind body healing therapies and worked with gusto to heal his emotional traumas. Commitment to self, discipline in regime , perseverance, faith in god and unconditional trust in all his treating doctors has helped him recover from his cancer with a short span and that too at a ripe age of 81 years. Accompanying PET SCAN reports as a testimonial to his miraculous cure from cancer.


Audios that promote healing

1. Healing Light Meditation

The healing light meditation is a guided visualisation of 12 minutes. It will give you the most profound experience of healing , energising , rejuvenating and revitalising you mind , body and soul. The meditation will allow you to work on your diseases , unhealthy patterns , toxins and blocks . A regular use of this meditation has helped my patients at HOLISTIC CLINIC to heal from lifestyle and chronic disease such as Cancer, IBS, Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression , Acid Peptic disorders etc. May you find your healing in this healing soothing and powerful meditation. Love and Light Dr.Mitali