Mind and Body Healing

MIND-BODY HEALING, CELLULAR HEALING, QUANTUM HEALING are all synonyms for a new paradigm in the healing work on human body. The healing therapies used in at our Holistic clinic are Mind -Body healing therapies based on the modern concepts and understanding of human dynamics. The mind body healing therapies are also called as Cellular healing or Quantum healing. This dimension of healing is a completely new paradigm in modern medicine


  1. It is healing the body and mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifested at a sensory level.
  2. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong.
  3. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body.
  4. The concept of cellular healing or Energy healing is a thousand years old and details of the same are found in our Veda’s.
  5. But during the 17th century, the Western world started to see the mind and body as two distinct entities. In this view, the body was kind of like a machine, complete with replaceable, independent parts, with no connection whatsoever to the mind.
  6. In the 20th century, this view gradually started to change. Researchers began to study the mind-body connection and scientifically demonstrate complex links between the body and mind
  7. In the modern times the credit of unfolding the science of cellular healing goes to Dr Deepak Chopra, the Indian-born, US-trained medical endocrinologist who has written 19 bestselling books bringing the messages of this new healing paradigm to a hungry world.


  1. The modern day research by American Centre for Disease Control states that 85% of all illnesses are mind based.
  2. The science of Cellular healing states that, a disease first begins in the mind and then it is manifested in the body in form of Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, hypothyroidism, Depression, Asthma, Skin Disorders so on and so forth.
  3. Our Emotions, our thoughts, and our words influence our bodies and affect our cells, our DNA and ultimately our health.
  4. The Negative emotions and REPRESSED OR SUPRESSED emotions over the time lead to blocking our bodies’ cell receptors. The blocked cell receptors then interfere with the normal healthy communication between cells, and impair many body functions.
  5. Once the cell receptors are blocked the cells are cut off from the neurochemical transmission between the cells. Such blocked cells get isolated; if they remain blocked for a long time there is increased likelihood of the and eventually fall sick. These sick cells cause diseases in our body.

“In our body old cells die and new cells are formed everyday” ..why do we still continue to have the same disease?

  1. The answer to this is in our cell memories, the ability of our cells to store thoughts and emotions in the form of memories and pass them on to the new cell as Phantom memories.
  2. So even if the cell dies when it gets old, at the time of replication the cell has passed on the old traumatic memories to the new born cells. Just like all the other cell characteristics it passed on to the new cell.
  3. Dr. Deepak Chopra talks of `Phantom memories’ that get passed on from one cell to the next.
  4. It is now well understood that cells in the different organs of our bodies have a remarkable capacity for regeneration and do so at different speeds.
  5. For instance, a liver cell takes six weeks to regenerate, skin cells take three or four weeks, while we gain a whole new stomach lining every four days and all our eye cells completely replicate themselves every two days.
  6. Asks Deepak: “If you get a whole new liver every six weeks, why is it that if you have liver cancer in January, it’s still there in June? Your liver would have regenerated itself several times by then. All the cells would be entirely new.”
  7. Deepak says this happens due to ‘phantom memories’: old memories that cause degenerative disease patterns in the cells and that are passed on to new cells before the old diseased cell dies. “Hence the disease continues.”


  1. The key to cellular healing is to uncover the repressed traumatic emotions stored in the cells in form of cell memories, resolve these memories and clear the trauma completely.
  2. Once this is done the body and the being is free. A huge amount of healing energy that was locked up in these traumatised cells is released. The body can now make use of this released healing energy to go about the healing process naturally.
  3. The repressed immune system is once again freed, when we act on the old traumatic memories. The immune system then takes on the healing process from within.
  4. Deepak Chopra – like Bandon Bays whose works provides a practical experience of cellular memory – says it is possible to interrupt the memories stored in degenerate cells and that once that pattern is interrupted, healthy new cells can replace the diseased old ones.


  1. The infinite wisdom, the source or the inner wisdom is the third dimension of the trinity of mind body and spirit.
  2. This is the wisdom that lies beyond our logical, analytical, thinking mind.
  3. It is our GPS system which guides us all our life.
  4. The closest example of this intelligence we experience is often described as ‘ gut feeling’ , ‘instinct’ , ‘inner voice’.
  5. During a mind –body healing therapy , A therapist helps you to get in touch and experience your own ‘Source’
  6. This Source /Wisdom/Intelligence then guides you to healing not just your disease but also your life.
  7. Dr.Deepak Chopra in his lifelong study of successful survivors of serious illness found they were able to get in touch with “infinite intelligence” or what Brandon Bays calls “source”.


  1. At the most fundamental level, our minds and our bodies are just pure souls. In fact everyone in creation is soul.
  2. So, at the basis of all creation, there is already a field of perfection on all levels. We are already perfectly healthy, perfectly happy, and perfectly successful.
  3. The only problem is, we have forgotten this, and so live lives filled with struggles and a lack of fulfilment. The whole focus of mind/body medicine is to restore the memory of soul in our lives.
  4. All disease and illness is just the loss of the memory of wholeness at the cellular level. When a cell loses its connection with the rest of our body, it begins to act randomly, causing havoc and destruction.
  5. Through techniques such as healing therapies, meditation, prayer and silence, we begin to reconnect with our essential nature and bring back the memory of wholeness into our lives.
  6. When our cells remember wholeness or health, they will automatically act in a way that is best for health and happiness.”
  7. When our bodies reawaken to spirit, we re-enliven our own inner healing mechanism and activate our internal pharmacy to create and maintain a state of perfect health.