Cancer Care and Homeopathy



Dr. Mitali has been a practicing homoeopath for more than 20 years .She uses a combination of different approaches to treat the cancer patients.

  1. PATHOLOGICAL APPROACH: We use homeopathic remedies to target the tumours themselves. In this case, we select remedies which match the symptom picture of the tumour itself (e.g. Conium Maculatum for hard immovable tumours that develop slowly).
  2. IMMUNE SYSTEM APROACH: The medicines and the line of treatment chosen are aimed at improving the immune system of the patient. The immune system once healed can overcome the factors responsible for causing cancer.
  3. DRAINAGE/ DETOXIFICATION APPROACH: Another approach is to use homeopathic remedies to assist in healing the patient’s eliminative channels (kidneys, urinary tract, lymphatic system, liver, etc.), and strengthen cell detoxification. In this case, the homeopath may use drainage remedies. These are low potency combination remedies that are used to target specific systems, or detoxify particular substances (e.g. heavy metals, etc.).
  4. CLASSICAL APPROACH: Still another approach is to use homeopathy to address the overall constitution of the patient. In this case the homeopath does a complete interview of the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical symptoms and then selects the best match accordingly. Often the best selected constitutional remedy will directly affect the tumour. By assisting the body in addressing and resolving the energy that underlies the tumour, it can result in complete elimination of the tumour.
  5. PALLIATIVE APPROACH: In advanced stages of cancer the treatment is designed to reduce the pain and suffering of the cancer patient. Palliative medicines, painkillers, and symptomatic medicines are given to the patient.

Dr. Mitali Upadhye is very experienced in structuring sessions to meet your specific needs. She works with individuals and families, in addition to offering group sessions for people who might benefit from interacting with others in similar circumstances.