1. Homoeopathic approach is the first step in Holistic Management of treating a patient coming to our clinic.
  2. Homeopathy an art and science founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is an important holistic method of healing that recognizes The Oneness.
  3. The body, mind and spirit of the human are inseparable whole and should be treated as a single unit.
  4. Harmony between the trinity of mind, body and spirit is considered as health. The loss of this harmony is a state of illness or disease.
  5. Dr. Hahnemann based the entire science on the philosophy that “There are no diseases but sick people” This is the backbone of the science of homoeopathy.


  1. Homoeopathy works on the dynamic plane.
  2. Our innate healing system called as Vital force or Life Force is working ceaselessly to keep us healthy.
  3. When this Vital force succumbs and fails a disease occurs. Signs and symptoms of the diseased patient are the body’s CRY FOR HELP.
  4. The homoeopath does a meticulous study of these presenting complaints and the disturbances on all the planes.
  5. He then proceeds to select a medicine based on the homoeopathic cardinal principle “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTER’ i.e. ‘LIKES CURE LIKES’.
  6. The homoeopathic medicines do not act directly on the disease.
  7. The medicine stimulates the natural healthy immune system or Life Force which in turn is able to restore health and vitality for the individual.


  1. Homoeopathy treats a sick individual and not his disease.
  2. The medicines are selected for the complete symptom totality.
  3. Separate medicines are not given for every presenting symptom.
  4. Medicines are based on the emotional, mental, and physical complaints.
  5. Homoeopathy can treat the patient even before the disease manifest on the body.
  6. It can treat the sick mind, negative emotions and negative attitude towards life
  7. Medicines are useful in acute as well as chronic diseases.
  8. Medicines are cost effective, have no expiry period.
  9. Medicines are easy and safe to take.
  10. They can be take along with allopathy, Ayurveda or other alternative treatments


    A detailed case study of 2 to 3 hours is taken by giving complete undivided attention to the patient and his narration. Dr.Mitali believes that history taking is the most important aspect of the entire treatment plan.

  1. It helps the doctor to understand her patient well and make an accurate choice of the medicine.
  2. It is very therapeutic and a transformational eye opening experience for the patient to revisit his entire life space at a stretch.
  3. It helps to envision the entire treatment plan of the patient.
  4. It helps to give the patient a good idea of how long he will have to take the treatment.
  5. It gives a good idea of the number of cellular healing therapy sessions that will be need by the patient for complete relief.

Dr. Mitali’s expertise and experience of 20 years ensures an accurate selection of homoeopathic medicine to suit the patient’s problem. This medicine is usually dispensed in form of medicated globules, pills, or drops to be taken with water.