Dr. Mitali Upadhye

B.H.M.S , D.H.M

Pinkathon Mascot and Brand Ambassador

Homeopath and Holistic Health Coach

Dr. Mitali Upadhye is a Homoeopath, Counsellor and a Healing Therapist by profession. She began working in alternative medicine with holistic approach in 1996. She has a vast experience of over 20 years in the field of Classical Homoeopathy. She has her own private practice where she works passionately in order to cure and heal her patients. She works with patients of wide age group. As a counsellor she deals with issues of behavioural problems in children, marital discords, problematic relationships, depression, low self-esteem, Anxiety disorder etc. Her experience of last 20 years turns out to be a huge asset in helping patients identify their core issues and deal with them. A soft compassionate woman she is always available for her patients.

She has trained herself in Energy healing modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique and The Journey which are Mind–Body healing techniques designed to clear negative energy blocks from the body. The healing sessions are useful in treating physical as well as emotional issues. As and when indicated she makes use of her knowledge in the field of energy healing to help her patients. She believes in Lifestyle Changes for better health and vitality. She encourages her patients in using long term measures to bring about permanent and long lasting cure n healing.

She is of the view that “We are what we think”. A strong and ardent believer in the power of our subconscious mind she conducts personalised sessions to train her patients to develop positive thinking and a positive approach to life. She strongly advocates use of Meditation, Pranayama, Yogasana, Visualisation and Affirmations, for a healthy mind.

Diet and Nutrition play a huge role in the treatment and management of her patients. She is of a belief that “We are what we eat” . Detailed counselling with regards to diet and nutrition and weekly planning of diet is part of her holistic approach to all diseases esp. life style diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, colitis, asthma, arthritis etc.

She is an enthusiastic fitness freak and her participation in all kinds of fitness workouts and sports has contributed in her accurate understanding of the various fitness and exercise techniques like Yoga, running swimming, cycling, jogging trekking, paragliding, weights training, core strengthening etc. She makes use of this extensive experience and knowledge to guide her patients into good health and fitness.


Since 2013 Dr. Mitali has been a great help to cancer patients with her unique and pioneering Holistic Approach to Cancer Management. She strongly advocates this approach after her own miraculous cure from cancer using these cardinal principles of health and healing. She has worked with more than 100 cancer patients so far to help them effectively stay ahead of their cancer and live strong and healthy. The clinic works on her motto of “Cancer care with compassion”. Recently in January 2016 the newly founded Sanjeevan Homoeopathic Multispeciality Clinic established Cancer Care Clinic under her expertise.


In January 2014, after having conquered her ovarian cancer using the principles of mind –body healing and positive lifestyle changes Dr.Mitali was appointed as the Ambassador of Pinkathon , Pinkathon is an all women run for awareness of breast cancer. This Run is conducted in more than 10 cities all over India. She is the Mascot for the Cancer squad in Pune. Since she started running in June 2013 Dr.Mitali has ran many marathons in and around Pune . She regularly runs 10k and Half Marathon s .As a Mascot for cancer squad she leads a 5km run each year for cancer winners. Running has given her a unique opportunity to connect with Cancer patients and their families.


The SBI Pinkathon is India’s Biggest Women’s Run created with the specific purpose of getting more and more women to adopt a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Audio CD and Audio Lectures

Dr. Mitali is a crusader of Healthy lifestyle. She has been giving motivational speeches and talks on health in order to create awareness regarding importance of making healthy and positive changes in our lifestyle and thus reduce sickness and dependency on medicines. Her Audio CD and Audio Lectures based on Holistic approach to management of diseases was released in Mach 2015. Her Audio CD and Audio Lectures is in two languages English and Marathi; it has become popular within short time and is very well appreciated by her audience.


Since 2014, Dr Mitali, is on a mission to create awareness on healthy lifestyle and the importance of ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. She has been giving talks, lectures, presentations, in various organisations and corporate offices like DnyanPrabodhini, Bharati Niwas women welfare club, Rotary club of Shivaji park Mumbai, various senior citizen groups. Corporates like Amazon India, Medical organisations like Kamayani Bajaj Cancer Institute Ruby Hall Clinic.

    Dr Mitali has written extensively on Holistic Approach to Management of Cancer in various local newspapers like Sakal, Sakal times, Pudhari, KothrudMitra etc.
  • She has also made a mark on the internet by writing articles for www.Preventdisease.com, CSR times.
  • Her Story as a cancer survivor was featured by online news magazines like The Golden Sparrow, The CSR times.
  • She is featured in the HEROES of PUNE…as a cancer winner and a crusader for a social cause.